Confidence, Not Compromise.

Our Story

Hair loss, thinning, and fallout are surprisingly common issues, but there’s so much social stigma. Most beauty brands fail to deliver on big promises and shift the blame. Instead, WA Secrets treats the root of the problem with natural, robust solutions.

Our founder, Dr. Wissam Adada, is world-renowned for his advanced hair transplants and aesthetic procedures. But for every successful patient outcome in the clinic, he knew that more people were struggling at home. WA makes medical-grade ingredients accessible to everyone with advanced formulas and pure botanicals. Wear your natural hair with pride and reclaim your confidence. Our vegan, all-natural formulas are super concentrated and cold-processed to protect the goodness inside.

Meet Our Founder

Our founder Dr. Wissam Adada holds numerous achievements. He has a Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Padova, an MSc II in Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness, completed the Harvard Dermatology International Training Program, and is currently a Hair Transplant Fellow Level of Training from Los Angeles, California.
His rich and diverse training background positioned Dr. Wissam Adada to understand what his patients go through and how to create a better experience for them.

He believes in holistic treatment and advocates for his patients' overall well-being. For this reason, he gets to the root of the issues with hair care to create stable growth in the long term.